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July 20: Illés

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Our Florist shop is located in the VII District at 30 Wesselényi Street, that has been a florist shop since the 1950s. After several facial changes we have finally found the image most suitable. Please feel free to visit us any time.

Our company aims to provide the highest standard and quality at a reasonable price. Our team is a group of well trained professionals with a wide experience who has proved their skills and qualities at various competitions with outstanding results.

Our services include:

- Full decoration for weddings
(bouquets, table decorations, pew accents, etc)

- Decoration of special events at hotels and restaurants
(rooms, tables, receptions)

- Bows and bouquets for special occasions
(birthdays, name-days, anniversaries, funerals, etc)

- Wreaths
(for religious celebrations, funerals)

- Special flower arrangements
(fulfilling every fantasy)

- Potted and house plants

-Special selection of wines
(Tokaj, Villány, Balaton-region)

We hope to see you soon in our shop.


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Virágvonal: 1075 Budapest, Wesselényi u. 30. | Tel.: (70)386-30-40